About us

Since 2007 in the Netherlands and since 2015 in Germany, Middle Point has been the leading recruitment agency for maritime engineers, project managers and managers within the maritime industry.

More than 1100 engineers have been recruited by Middle Point to start or continue their successful career in luxury yacht building, shipbuilding, offshore companies and maritime service providers. Due to the high demand for engineers and technical professionals, Middle Point operates far across its national borders. Over the years we have collaborated with more than 50 different nationalities. Middle Point is deservingly named the international recruitment agency of the maritime world!

Mission statement Middle Point

Middle Point aims to be known as the undisputed market leader in the recruitment of maritime professionals in the Netherlands and in Germany. For the recruitment of engineers from national and international waters, we carefully comply with the standing procedures to ensure high success rates. This success is merely possible due to the longstanding relationships we maintain with our clients. We find the best candidates and give them the desired advantage in a fast growing, internationally competing market. It is our mission to become the leading maritime recruitment agency in the North-West European market, also thanks to our rapid growth in the German market.

Knowledge of engineering

An experienced and international team of recruitment consultants with different backgrounds, for example in Human Resources, Organizational Psychology, Law and Business Management, makes it possible, with the support of our service center, to become the leading recruitment agency in the Netherlands and Germany. A combination of in-depth knowledge, a solid work process and many years of experience in the maritime recruitment have become our strength. In different teams we continue to work together, as we are well aware that working as a team is more important than personal agendas. Sharing our knowledge and information is always encouraged, and results in delivering results by recruiting qualified engineers.


No procedure or remuneration is too complex for us. Our Consultants & Service Center takes care of all our clients’ needs, in the payment of highly skilled migrant employees by complying with the relevant laws, regulations and criteria. Our clients consider as to be the knowledgeable partner in the remuneration of international personnel. Middle Point is referent to the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) and works in close cooperation with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Expat Center.

All the necessary guarantees, certificates and insurances are in our possession. Our agency is DNV GL VCU and NEN-4400-01 certified and SNA registered.

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Our recruiters

Marina Monogyiou

Recruitment Quality & Development Officer

Wouter Wettke

Sr. Recruitment Consultant 

John Lawson

Sr. Recruitment Consultant 

Sara Olivari

Recruitment Consultant

Irene Vescio

Recruitment Consultant

Gizem Öçalan

Recruitment Consultant

Mihaela Călin

Recruitment Consultant

Francesco Salvan

Recruitment Consultant

April Ozen

Sr. Recruitment Consultant 

Selin Tezel

Junior Recruitment Consultant