The international luxury yacht building industry has been dominated for years by three countries: the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

While Italy’s strength lies mostly within the construction of yacht series, the Netherlands and Germany are accomplished semi- and full-custom yacht Builders. The German market is mainly focused on building the largest yachts, starting from 100+ meters length. The Netherlands is the market leader in the construction of steel / aluminium yachts with a range of 40 to 120 meters The crème de la crème (or elite) of luxury yacht building is located in the Netherlands and Germany, with the shipyards witnessing a consistent growth in their order books.

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Innovation in yacht building

When you come to work in the Netherlands or in Germany, you notice that the shipbuilding industry has a rich heritage coming from family – owned companies, which have been active as boat builders for many generations. This heritage is continued and reinforced by a strong focus on innovation.. Investment in sustainable development guarantees their leading position within the maritime world. One of the secrets to the success of the Dutch and German maritime markets is also an established network of locally based suppliers.

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Differences within the market

In human resources there is a different approach between the Dutch and the German yacht building. Whereas in Germany there is only a limited amount of companies with an enormous workforce, in the Netherlands there is a heterogeneity in shipyards, with bigger and smaller companies creating a mosaic within the Dutch yacht building sector. As the recruitment agency specialized in this market, we can advise you thoroughly and guide you towards the yacht building vacancy that best matches your ambitions and experience. We know what goes on the market, we understand the dominating culture, and we remain updated regarding the market’s needs for now and the future.

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Middle Point

Middle Point has come to an excellent position by becoming the starting gate for international talent towards the best Dutch and German maritime companies and suppliers, in quantitative and qualitative terms Partners of Middle Point are the biggest brands in the yacht building, shipbuilding and offshore industry. Our portfolio includes also recognized suppliers, offering challenging positions to skilled candidates at all levels.

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