Offshore Energy

In general terms the offshore industry comprises of the offshore oil gas and offshore wind sectors. The Dutch offshore industry is recognized for its innovativeness and competitiveness, delivering multitude of high-end projects, including floating production storage and offloading units.

The offshore industry in the Netherlands has grown from the oil and gas exploitation in the North Sea. The challenging weather conditions in combination with the strict security demands have led the way for Dutch companies to become the absolute top of the world.

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Offshore ship at sunset

Development in the offshore industry

The Dutch offshore market has become more and more committed to the development of sustainable alternatives. Companies that have traditionally grown from the exploitation of fossil fuels are now more committed to the creation of wind and water energy. The industry has already created a lot of employment for the shipbuilding and its suppliers. Germany, on the other hand, has become a significant player for Offshore Wind.

On the coastline and on land, many windmill parks are being created, hoping that in 2035 a minimum of 80% of electricity will be produced from sustainable resources. Hamburg has been named the offshore wind capital of Europe.

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Middle Point

Middle Point has come to an excellent position by becoming the starting gate for international talent towards the best Dutch and German maritime companies and suppliers, in quantitative and qualitative terms Partners of Middle Point are the biggest brands in the yacht building, shipbuilding and offshore industry. Our portfolio includes also recognized suppliers, offering challenging positions to skilled candidates at all levels.

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