General Data Middle Point

Middle Point Recruitment Consultant

General Data

VAT number: NL850152197B01

Bank account number: NL69 RABO

Chamber of Commerce number: 51745399

G-account number: NL39 RABO

Download our G-account contract via the button below (Dutch clients only).

Middle Point Recruitment Consultant

Chamber of Commerce

An overview of registered data from Middle Point can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce, for example registered name, address, date of establishment, and functionaries; information about the legal entity, company and establishment. The mentioned extract from the Chamber of Commerce has been certified with a digital signature and is an official certificate of registration at the trade register in the Netherlands.

Download for more information our certificate of registration from the CoC.

Middle Point Finance & Administration Director

Declaration of payment history

Middle Point has a declaration of payment history from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). In the attachment you will find a signed document from the Tax and Customs Administration. In this declaration it has been written that Middle Point has fulfilled all payments of social security contributions and tax payments in the expired periods.

Download for more information our Declaration of payment history (English, Dutch, German and French).

Middle Point finance officer


Middle Point has liability insurances with Intramar. Intramar has been founded in 1994, and its first successes were based on the supply of insurance cover and services addressed to the many works and security regimes of oil and gas companies and maritime agencies.

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Middle Point Recruitment Consultant

NEN 4400 Certification

The board from the Labour Standards Register (Register Normering Arbeid) has declared that by an accredited inspection institution it was established that Middle Point B.V. conforms to all the norms as described in the Book of Norms NSA, and was admitted to the Register Normering Arbeid. The register can be consulted via

Download for more information our NEN 4400 declaration.

Middle Point HR & Process Manager

VCU Certification

This is to confirm that the management system of Middle Point B.V. complies to the demands that are required in the Management system norms: security checklist for recruitment and contracting agencies, VCU 2011/05. This certificate is valid for the following scope: the recruitment of human resources in the international yacht building, shipbuilding, offshore, hydraulic and maritime industry.

Download for more information our VCU certificate.