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The best talent in the industry is often found beyond borders. Middle point has over 15 years of experience in bringing together (international) talent and clients in the maritime industry.

Our international team of experienced recruitment consultants is working closely together to find the right person for the job. We work with care and integrity and always follow the win-win-win principle.

We are determined and take our job serious. Our focus is to build strong and long-lasting relationships and to make everyone feel at home with us.

Managing director Maarten van Haren

Experienced specialist in the industry

Our team consists of experienced professionals with the relevant knowledge and expertise of the maritime industry. This means we know what is needed to find the right person for the right position.

Our portfolio also includes recognized suppliers, offering challenging positions to skilled candidates at all levels.

Do you have any questions about (international) recruitment or about the application of the 30% ruling or the highly skilled migrant status?

Contact our managing director, Maarten van Haren, today.


Middle Point Recruitment Consultant


With over 15 years of experience, we consider ourselves specialists. We are transparent in our dealings and only mediate our professionals with their consent and after a decent intake procedure.

Our services:

  • Contracting to permanent
  • Project contracting
  • Executive Search
  • Compliancy Contracting
Middle Point operations director

Contracting to permanent

This service offers the flexibility to get to know your future employee ,before signing any contract. During this period, you only pay for the worked hours and not for holidays or sick leave. After this period, it is possible to sign an employment contract without any additional costs.

To facilitate the employment of the professional, we make sure that the terms and conditions are in alignment with the working conditions of your company.

Middle Point HR & Process Manager

Project contracting

The Dutch and German maritime industries are known for the size of their projects. There is often a need for project-based professionals. For these expansions of workers, secondment is often a great solution, due to the levels of flexibility offered.

Middle Point Sr. Recruitment Consultant

Compliancy contracting

Middle Point offers compliance contracting for the deployment of self-recruited professionals. We take care of the registration and relocation and apply rules and regulations in the correct ways. Middle point has a reference of the IND and works closely together with a group of lawyers and consultants, specialized in labour law and more.

We are a member of the most important trade organizations that are involved with the creation of new regulations. We excel in creating tailor-made solutions when needed, because we understand how certain situations are different from others.

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