Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are regulations that we have recorded in writing. In this regulation, it has all been written down on how a contract comes into effect in case of secondment or the direct recruitment of candidates. In these terms and conditions it is crystal clear what your rights and duties are as a client. The 'small letters’ will save you a lot of time. As our client you will know exactly where you stand by hiring Middle Point as your recruitment agency.

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Terms and conditions recruitment

Executive search is our service based on the direct hire of professionals for board and management positions at your organization. Our work is always based on a no-cure no-pay principal and only based on (semi) exclusiveness.

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Terms and conditions contracting

This service will offer you the flexibility to really get to know your future employee before signing a contract. During the contracting period you will only pay for the actual hours on the job, that is not during vacations or downtime, for example due to illness. After the agreed contracting period, you are free to offer a contract to your professional directly, without any extra costs.