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Middle Point is the recruitment and contracting specialist for professionals in the maritime industry in the Netherlands and in Germany.

Our teams are assigned to different maritime submarkets, and therefore we are experienced in each segment. We are focused on the following maritime sectors: yacht building, shipbuilding, offshore energy and maritime technology. Moreover, one of our teams is specifically dedicated to the German maritime industry. You can depend on us for the recruitment and contracting of professionals for temporary and long-term positions, for example for the enhancement of your project team. Lastly, we take care of all of your needs by covering the registration and payment of your self-recruited, international professionals.


You are more than welcome to let us know how we can be of assistance to you. We hold all necessary guarantees, certificates and insurances for a compliant result. Middle Point has a liability insurance, G-account and DNV GL VCU certification.

The different solutions:

  • Contracting to permanent
  • Project contracting
  • Executive search
  • Compliancy contracting

Contracting to permanent

This service will offer you the flexibility to really get to know your future employee before signing a direct contract. During the contracting period you only pay for the actual worked hours not during vacations or downtime, for example due to illness. After the agreed contracting period, you are free to offer a contract to your professional directly, without any extra costs. To facilitate the direct recruitment, we make sure that the working conditions during the contracting period are in line with your self-proposed employment conditions.

Project contracting

When you need to temporarily employ a professional, for example to replace other employees on leave due to illness or maternity leave, or just for the enhancement of your project team, project contracting may be a good solution for you. Project contracting is a highly flexible service for temporary capacity solutions; you will only pay for the actual worked hours.

Executive search

You come to Middle Point if you are in search of the immediate recruitment of professionals for board and management positions within your organization. Our work is based on a “’no-cure, no-pay” principal and on (semi-) exclusiveness. Part of the recruitment process and upon your request, we conduct psychometric assessments. Our certified consultants make use of the tools developed and provided by Thomas International.

Compliancy Contracting

Middle Point takes care of all your needs by means of compliancy contracting, in case of the employment of highly skilled migrants or freelancers. We take care of the professional’s registration and relocation as well as of his or her family, by staying compliant to the relevant laws, regulations and criteria. Middle Point is referent to the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) and works in close cooperation with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Expat Center. >>>

For the employment of freelancers (ZZP) it is important to respect their independent nature, in order to avoid any ambiguity on the nature of your employment relationship, as seen from a civil and fiscal perspective. Middle Point works with an approved model contract in the employment of a freelancer to clearly define the independent working relationship.

Middle Point works closely with a group of lawyers and consultants specialized in labour law and independency. Also, we are affiliated with important industry associations that are closely involved with the establishment and execution of new regulation concerning the remuneration. Certain situations may require a custom-made solution for you. Feel free to contact your consultant to discover what Middle Point can do for you.

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