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Discover your career possibilities within the international maritime industry, together with Middle Point.

We invite you to sign up with us and to apply directly to one of our vacancies. As soon as we find an opportunity for you, one of our consultants will contact you. During a telephone conversation, we will assess your competencies, map your ambitions and provide you with an insight into the international labour market.


In coordination with you, our consultants assist you in exploring your career opportunities within the international maritime industry. We find the most suitable positions and vacancies for you, because of the close cooperation between our consultants. You are more than welcome to apply for a vacancy, and you may also be selected for suitable vacancies by one of our consultants.

A good preparation is essential to your success. Recruitment is our business, and our experienced consultants guide you from beginning to end. Before your application, we share our knowledge with you about the role and your possible new working place. Thanks to our personal guidance, you will know exactly how to present yourself during a professional interview with your future employer. With our proven method, you increase your chances to succeed.

We will continue to guide you

Even after a successful mediation, we will continue to guide you. When you will be contracted for a period of time, we will assist you for example with the entire registration and the actual relocation. We have a lot of experience in assisting international candidates in settling, alone or with their families, in the Netherlands and Germany. Besides, we occasionally organize social events for you to get to know other professionals in yours or other markets. During many of these occasions, you can bring your partner or family along too. We will take care that you’ll feel at home soon! Middle Point: Home of Engineers.

Quote Davide Gamberini - Senior Project Engineer at Boskalis Offshore

"The added value of Middle Point is that the consultants are active in the full width of the market, and are able to thoroughly assess your competencies. Because they also point out suitable vacancies in other submarkets, there is so much more possible.' 'During and after the application, Middle Point continued to be of assistance for any additional administrative obligations, language issues, arrangements for a language course or an apartment. Whatever the issue is; they will help you out."