Things to do in Vlissingen

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When you think of the Netherlands, the first image that comes to your mind is probably one with windmills, canals and houses with a narrow façade. But what if we told you that the Netherlands also has beautiful coastal towns?

We would like to give you a guide to a city with a maritime history that goes back a few centuries: the harbour city of Vlissingen! One of the only towns in the Netherlands with an English Translation: Flushing.

1. Walk along the longest boulevard in the Netherlands

This is a must see in the city; the boulevard is more than 2KM long. On one point of the boulevard, you can see the statue of the most famous admiral in the country, Michiel de Ruyter. And on the other side of the promenade, you get to see “Het Windorgel”, a statue made out of bamboo tubes that blows out different tones driven by the wind.

Our tip: from the promenade, you can walk under the Kazematten (a military structure near the waterfront built in 1811 by order of Napoleon) and reach the Oosterschelde, where you will get stunning views of the beach!

2. Zee Museum

The Zee (sea) museum is dedicated to telling the fascinating story of the city’s maritime past and present, alongside the tales of small and big sea heroes. This is a great place to visit with the whole family! You can learn all about the adventures of Michiel de Ruyter, learn about the underwater treasures of sunken East India company ships, the turbulent history of Vlissingen and play fun maritime games. Tickets can be found here.

3. Guided tour of the city

Experience the history of Vlissingen with a guided tour of the old city. Visit the living place of Michiel de Ruyter, or take a look at the Cornelia Quacks courtyard, build in 1643 and originally intended for widows of sailors and the poor.

Moreover, you can marvel at the architecture cocktail of old merchant houses and modern architecture. Make sure to see the “Dansende Dobberende Dozen (the dancing boxes), an apartment building complex with crooked shapes.

4. Have a drink on a terrace!

After visiting the museums and walking around the city, it is time for a well-deserved break on the beach. Vlissingen has no less than 6 beach locations to work on your Vitamin D intake. The beaches are extra special, as in no other country the container ships sail as close to the shore as Vlissingen.

Our tip: Sit back on the terrace, order an ice-cold beer or a glass of white wine and enjoy a place of fresh fish.

Have you visited Vlissingen before? 

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