Best question to ask at the end of an interview

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It is the moment of truth. You have secured an interview with a position you are enthusiastic about. You have discussed the role, your qualifications and motivations and it is now your chance to ask questions.

Coming to an interview without any questions, not only does it look unprofessional, but it is also a missed chance for you to find out even more information and see if this role is suited for you. It also shows that you are truly engaged with the company and take your job seriously. 

We have outlined some of the best questions you could ask to go in-depth and find out if you are suited for the role and if this place is the right workplace for you. In the best-case scenario, you will leave a very good impression behind and increase the chances of securing the job.

1. Why is this position available?

On many occasions, the reason is because the company is growing, and they simply need more people. But on other occasions, it may well be that the former employee left the company. With this question you can find more information regarding the reason why and if it might conflict with your expectations.

2. How will my performance be measured?

In other words, how will you know if you are successful or not.

With this answer you can compare the organization’s priorities to yours. Expectation management is a very big part of any job, and by asking this question you can understand more about the company, and even lead to further conversation about measuring your individual performance.

3. How is feedback provided? How is news delivered?

A structured and proactive approach to assessing individual performance is a priority for many people. Feedback is also a very common aspect of any job, and with this question you can get answers regarding the communication style within the organization.

4. Who do I report to, will I meet this person during the interview process?

It is possible that you will have one or more managers, and it is important for you to know how the cooperation might go with this person for your job.

5. What is YOUR favorite thing about the job? What convinced you and what made you stay?

Most of the people like to talk about things they are enthusiastic about, and this will create a genuine connection. Moreover, this is also a perfect way to know more about the positive aspects of the company!

6. For the brave ones: are there any doubts about my procedure that I can address right now?

This is for you to find out if there are still doubts and to clarify something from your resume, such as a gap between two jobs or language barriers.

The most important thing for you to remember is that interviews are a two-way communication. Questions are not only meant to be asked by the interviewer. With these questions you are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression and you will have a very complete general image of what working in this company will look like.

If you want more in-depth training for your interview, our staff of professional recruiters will help you out and make sure that you are ready to leave a good impression at your interview. Would you like to put these questions to the test? Check out our vacancies!


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