Top 4 christmas markets in the Netherlands

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The season has arrived! The streets are lit up with Christmas decorations, Christmas music is being put in retail stores, and soon it will be time to dust off the Christmas tree and hang up the decorations. We would like to add another activity to this list: visiting a Christmas market in the Netherlands! We have taken the time to locate the top 4 Christmas markets in The Netherlands for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Christmas Market in Valkenburg (November 18, 2022–January 8, 2023)

Valkenburg is possibly the city in the Netherlands with the biggest Christmas spirit. Every year, the city is completely transformed into a Christmas paradise. In Valkenburg's Municipal Cave you will witness Europe’s largest underground Christmas market as it is Located under the ruined castle of Valkerung. This is a once in a lifetime experience you should be sure not to miss!

2. Charles Dickens themed Christmas Market in Deventer (December 10–11, 2022)

This one is specially recommended if you are a fan of anything Victorian-era, or if you have read the Dickens novels. Deventer is said to be one of the most romantic cities in the Netherlands, and also a very old one. With its beautiful narrow streets dating all the way back to the 15th century, it makes for a perfect Christmas Market location.

Oliver Twist, Mr. Scrooge and hundreds of other characters will most definitely make an appearance at this market!

3. Royal Christmas Fair in The Hague (December 8–23, 2022)

The Lange Voorhout, Located between the famous locations of Binnenhof and Noordeinde Palace, is a must-see Christmas market in the Netherlands. If you have children, make sure to bring them on the very first weekend as it will be filled with activities for the little ones (with even a chance of meeting Santa Claus himself!)

But even without children, The Hague’s Christmas market is filled with more than 80 stands, 10 Christmas houses and thousands of LED lights.

4. Christmas Market in Maastricht (December 1–30, 2022)

What do you get when you combine Christmas spirit and the Netherlands 2nd oldest city? a picture-perfect, out of a fairytale Market! 

Don’t miss the highlight of this Market: the arrival of Santa Claus in the Polar express! It will arrive in the central station of Maastricht, followed by a beautiful procession and ending in Santa taking placing in his home (with a treasure room!)

Even though we have only given you a few options for Christmas markets, the Netherlands has a large cultural offer when it comes to the Christmas Holidays. There are tons of small cities and villages that have their own decorations and events! Which one is your favourite? Have you been to a Christmas market that has not been listed here? 


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