Best Dutch food to eat during christmas

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1. Snert (Erwtensoep)

You will definitely find this in any Dutch household during the cold winter months: pea soup.

Do not let the image fool you, this soup Is actually very rich in flavors, and will warm up your stomach and your spirits!

This one-pot meal is meant to use simple ingredients that last for long. As you may have read from the title, there are two ways to name this soup. Ewrtensoup will most of the time refer to a lighter texture, whereas snert means that is has been left overnight to achieve a thick and creamy texture, and the flavors have had time to mix in together. The traditional recipe has stewed meat of some kind, but this recipe is also adaptable for the plant-based foodies.

Fun fact: The first Dutch recipe for Snert dates back to the early 16th century[

Find the recipe here

2. Dutch Stamppot

The Dutch ‘Stamppot’ or “mashed pot” is also a staple of the Dutch cuisine. Just like with Pea Soup, it is mostly eaten during the winter times. Stamppot is a very traditional dish made from several components, usually potatoes and vegetables. If you want to become a true ‘Dutchie”, carve a dimple in the mashed potato and throw the gravy in it! 

Find the recipe here

3. Oliebollen

While in the Netherlands, you will know that Christmas season is coming when you start seeing Oliebollen wagons. They are deep-fried dough balls, you can usually find them in the Markets, city squares or any affluent place. This wagon sells several yummy snacks, but of course the star player is the Oliebol! Eat it alone or with raisins, but the powder sugar should be an absolute must. 

If you want to make it yourself, find a recipe here

4. Stroopwafels

One the most beloved snacks in the Netherlands. It is a round cookie filled with caramel on the inside. It is a tradition to use to cover your hot drink, this way the caramel on the inside will melt, and you will get a warm crunchy bite of cookie dough!

For an enhanced experience, make sure to buy a fresh Stroopwafel in any market. We recommend the ones at Albert Cuyp, in Amsterdam!

Stroopwaffels are usually always store-bought, but if you would like to make them yourself here is a good recipe.

5. Poffertjes

If you like fluffy pancakes, you will definitely like Poffertjes! A sweet treat traditionally served with powdered sugar and butter, you can find a poffertjes stand in any Dutch fair.

A possible theory of their invention was that they were made by accident, originally as blobs of dough batter that accidentally fell onto a hot pan and then swelled rapidly. This rapidly swelling dough batter was probably intended for baking puff bread

The first mention of poffertjes as a food is found in a 1734 description of an Amsterdam fair.

Here is a nice recipe if you want to make these at home.

We hope that this list will help keep you warm and full in the upcoming cold months, what is your favorite Dutch food for the winter? Which one of these have you tried already? Make sure to take a picture and tag us! 


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