Funny Dutch sayings Part II

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1. "When the calf has drowned, one fills the well."

Translation: "Als het kalf verdronken is, dempt men de put"

This translates to It means that people often act only after something bad has happened, rather than taking preventative measures beforehand. It is a humorous saying because it seems counterintuitive to wait until after a tragedy to fix the problem.

2. "There's a hair in the butter."

Translation: "Er zit een haar in de boter"

It means that there is a problem or conflict in a situation. It is a funny saying because it is such a strange and unexpected image.

3. "The soup is not eaten as hot as it's served."

"De soep wordt niet zo heet gegeten als hij wordt opgediend"

It means that things are often not as bad as they seem, and that people tend to exaggerate. It is a funny saying because it is a bit of a tongue-twister.

4. "To turn someone a lure."

"Iemand een loer draaien" - This phrase means "to turn someone a lure." It is used to describe tricking or deceiving someone. It is a funny saying because the image of turning someone into a fishing lure is so odd.

5. “There is not a single rooster which crows at it".

“Geen haan die ernaar kraait”

This phrase means no one will care about that, no one will discover that.Dutch is a language full of amusing and quirky expressions that are sure to make you smile. These six sayings are just a small sample of the many funny phrases in the Dutch language, and they give a glimpse into the colourful and playful nature of the language.

What is your favorite Dutch saying? Do you have similar ones in your own language?