Success Story: Mircea and Simona Part I

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Working for TMH

In the spring of 2016 Mircea and his wife were approached by Middle Point for a job opportunity in Germany. In June 0f 2016 they decided to take the step and move to Germany to start a new life. Back then they were one of the first people to move to Germany for the company. Luckily, they received a very warm welcome, with his colleagues making sure he felt welcome and received the help he needed.

Last year he started working for MTH. He is enthusiastic about the straight and hands-on mentality of his colleagues but mostly about having a smaller team, which means less time to implement new things. This means more freedom to innovate and do things in different ways. There is a lot of task diversity, it will include not only ducting but also piping, equipment and other jobs than what he was used to.

Living the expat life

In his mind there were no doubts about moving to Germany. He says “this is a great career opportunity so you have to take it or leave it because the chance might not come again”

What he loves about Germany is the correctness of the people. You pay for bread you will get nothing other than bread! No surprises or half-truths. In addition to this, he also praises the educational system. Mircea and his wife welcomed a new member of their family about 2 years ago upon the arrival of their daughter.

Mircea feels already at home in Germany. They try to raise their daughter according to German traditions while at the same time teaching her the values from back home.


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