New Years Event 2018

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Every Year Middle Point welcomes all their employees to celebrate the beginning of a new year. This traditional event took place at La Grande Salle of the Zalmhuis in Rotterdam.

The location with a splendid view on the ‘Brienenoord’ bridge, The river ‘De Maas’ with some renowned shipyards within sight. These surroundings gave it the right maritime touch. For the 2nd year in a row it has been a very successful event at this particular location.

With over 100 people attending we gathered a group of more than 30 different nationalities accompanied with partners and children. When everyone was in Maarten van Haren, our CEO, welcomed everyone and spoke about the past year and the loss of our beloved Patrick Maasdam. He took a moment to say thanks to everyone involved being part of the Middle Point success. He had a personal note for every Middle Point internal employee involved. During the afternoon there was time to catch up, meet other colleagues working for Middle Point, eat, drink and dance on the beats.

As a special service, we provided professional nanny’s for the young guests. The Nanny’s hosted a special creative program. A play corner for the youngest ones where they could entertain themselves. There was room for arts and crafts, games, dollhouses and wooden trains. Also table fuss ball, shovel board, chess or comic books were available. Next to this, the nanny’s brought a toast with children’s champagne. And the children decorated their own cake, and ate it too!