Extraordinary recruitment by Shaunna Campher

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Recently Middle Point hosted its annual new year’s event to celebrate the start of 2020.


A female engineer

Women in Engineering Day: celebrating Camila's Success

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On the 23rd of June we celebrate Women in Engineering day! We would like to tell you the story of Camila and her journey from Brazil to the Netherlands in a male dominated field

best beaches to visit in the randstad

Best beaches to visit in the summer Part 1

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The summer is slowly but surely arriving to the Netherlands! If you would like to get out of the city and explore the many beaches that this country has to offer, continue reading to find out which one suits your needs best!

Middle point groepsfoto

5 reasons NOT to work at Middle Point

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When it comes to selecting people for our team, we make sure that these values are shared, so that there are no surprises along the way. So if you consider joining our team, we thought of letting you know in advance some of our pitfalls