Success Story: Lisa-Maria

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She was approached by Middle Point in August of last year, which came at what seems the right time because she was feeling like she needed a new challenge . Even though she had never been to the Netherlands before, curiosity won and she decided to take the step and move to the Netherlands. She now works as an ISL Engineer for Damen Naval.

Even though the housing market was tough, it seemed like good luck was on her side and found a place within 100m from the beach.

Her favorite thing about the Netherlands is the hospitality, and how quick people seem to help out when needed. After hearing that she was moving , her line manager didn’t hesitate to recruit people to help and next thing she knew, there were 15 people helping her move in.

Her advice for relocating is to surround yourself (with what?) that make you feel like home. Thanks to living in modern times you can find expat groups on Facebook that can provide you with help and advice. But most important: don’t be afraid of the unknown; things have a way of working out in the end! Oh, and surround yourself with items that make your new place YOUR home! This could be pictures, paintings, sculptures or other things that give you a feeling of home!

Fun fact about Lisa-Marie: she speaks fluent Slovenian since her parents decided to sign her up for a Slovenian school back in Austria!


a rescue operation by the KNMR

Middle Point Joins the Fleet: Supporting the Lifesavers of the Sea

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We at Middle Point are filled with immense pride to announce our official partnership with the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM), the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution. As a company with deep connections to the maritime world, we understand the crucial importance of safety at sea. The KNRM, with its unwavering dedication, has been a beacon of hope and safety on Dutch waters for nearly two centuries, and we're honoured to now be considered a "Reder" (supporter) in their noble mission.

verjaardagsballonnen onder een bewolkte hemel

Dutch birthday traditions

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Are you an expat and have you been invited to a Dutch birthday party? Gefeliciteerd! Do you want to celebrate your own birthday here or are you curious as to what the Dutch do on their yearly birthday party? With this guide to Dutch birthdays, you are guaranteed to not have any surprises, and you will fit in right away.

Mircea & Simona

Success Story: Mircea and Simona Part I

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We want to celebrate the leap of faith our professionals take when trusting us to come to the Netherlands and Germany for a new opportunity. A leap of faith is exactly what brought the two protagonists of our success story Mircea Vartan and Simona Vartan to Hamburg, Germany. This will be a two part story so stay tuned for the continuation!